first coat of paint

A couple weeks back Mark & I put the first coat of paint on our walls here at the Dorothy house. We have big dreams of painting every wall and ceiling in our home but for now we decided to stick with just one wall.

It turns out painting an entire home can be pretty darn costly.

Painting a tiny wall in chalkboard paint, however, isn’t too bad.


Both Mark & I were a bit iffy at first on how it turned out.

Initially, since our walls are textured a tad bit, we wanted to figure out a way to get our wall as smooth as possible before painting it with the chalkboard paint. After giving sanding the wall a little try, we decided that would be the most idiotic decision ever…unless we wanted paint dust surrounding our entire home.

We also thought about buying masonite sheet (very cheap) at Home Depot or Lowes and cutting it to fit the wall. If you REALLY want a smooth base for a chalkboard wall, I say get some masonite sheet.

We went the easier route and decided the texture wasn’t unbearable and looked perfect enough for us!


The chalkboard wall is right next to our kitchen so we decided to put up a calendar to use for important events throughout the month. This month we have 3 nephews who have a birthday and E turns 6 months old!

Eventually we will add some other things to the wall and I’m hoping E gets a kick out of playing with chalk some days while I am in the kitchen. For now, she is happy as can be just hanging out in a chair.


It’s crazy how just a little bit of paint can make my home feel a bit more homey!


Have you painted anything with chalkboard paint lately? How long do you think this whole chalkboard decor fab will last? Even if it’s out of “style” when E is older I’m pretty sure we’ll still be rocking the chalkboard wall. What about you? Will you outlast the fad?


Herringbone DIY

Last week, I mentioned that I was on a mission to make this home more homey. One of my first tasks was to get something other than dog toys on our mantle.

I found this to be quite difficult as our mantle has a huge window directly behind it. I love the extra light the window puts in our home, but I really wish it wasn’t there. After weeks of contemplating what to do with the space I finally decided to make a little something after being inspired by pinterest.

Since last year I have seen multiple DIY’s on painting a herringbone print on a canvas….such as this one.

I decided to make my own twist on this simple DIY with wood rather than canvas.

The first step was to make a quick cut with a big piece of wood we had leftover from one of the husband’s previous projects.


Next I used a stain to liven this thing up.


Then, during a couple of Elli’s nap times I used Frog Tape to make a herringbone pattern on the wood. I didn’t have any particular method to doing this…I liked the idea of it not being all the same, so I made the lengths of the tape vary piece to piece. Simply start in one corner and keep going till the end.


{This is when I was introduced to the A Beautiful Mess photo app}

Once all the tape was in place, I took a roller brush and some white paint and rolled over the tape. About 10 minutes after painting I took the paint off and ended up with this lovely thing…


I then quickly painted the edges of the piece white, and put it up on our mantle along with some other items laying around the house.


What do you think? It’s certainly better than dog toys and dog food.

{the canister on the far left has dog treats in it…shhh…don’t tell}


Have you done any Pinterest inspired projects lately?

Or perhaps you are more creative than myself and found inspiration elsewhere 🙂