Sweet Husband, you are so dear to me. Thank you for staying home from work yesterday so I could rest all day long. Thank you for caring for me way better than I even care for myself. You love me well. Dear Yarnyou are filling up my home. Let’s get you organized because today I will be buying more of you due to the massive sale at Michaels. E gal, dad and I are pretty darn certain you would sit in your high chair and eat food all day long if we let you. We are also pretty darn certain you are a cold weathered gal. Each time we step outside into the cool air you smile and giggle with delight. Here’s to many many memories that will form over good food and good adventures in the cool, cool air. MerkleI finally folded the clothes in the dryer after a week of them sitting in there. WOO for unwrinkled clothes and a patient, patient husband!

P.S. Summit. You are the best big brother dog Elli Mae could ever have. You don’t know it yet, but as soon as E wakes up from her nap we are surprising you with a trip to your favorite dog park. Get ready to jump in mud, swim in ponds, catch a frisbee, and get a good nice bath afterwards.


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