a lovely month

October is my favorite month.

Pumpkins. Nutmeg. Leaves. Scarves. Boots. Cider. Pears. Hot coffee. Crisp Air.

October is lovely.

I’ve been meaning to write on this blog lately but a certain someone keeps me pretty busy…


Amidst the busyness, however, we have found good times to rest and enjoy this favorite month of mine.

This week has especially been a festive one as Mark has dubbed it my “birthday” week. Yesterday I turned 26.


Ya’ll. I have a pretty darn great husband. All week has been a celebration filled with little gifts and adventures throughout the day…and it’s not even over yet! Great man. Great dad. Great husband.


I hope to share more of our adventures this fall sometime soon…including recipes from Baby Led Weaning, patterns from some pretty rad crochet stuff I’ve been working on, adventures on the sewing machine, woodworking, and more….we’ll see if I actually find the time to sit down on the computer and share it.

It’s just sometimes I’d rather not document life and just live it.


Over & Out.


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