Baby Jack

Dear Friends,

I met Trish way back when at A&M, but not until recently have we actually sat down and gotten to know each other. I was in Houston. She was in Houston. I was a new mama. She was a soon to be new mama. So we got together. Mamahood can do that.

Bring you together.

Over just a few hours I was amazed, encouraged, and wanted to hang out with this lady as soon as possible again. The joy of Christ simply exuded from her and I couldn’t help but want to share life with her over another “playdate”.

I tell you about Trish because Just over a month ago, at 28 weeks pregnant, Jack was born. Baby Jack is a fighter, a miracle, a handsome fella, and one loved little guy. Prayer after prayer has been answered and it has been lovely to see the Lord at work in the life of Jack and in the hearts of people who love him dearly.

Empathy isn’t really a gift of mine nor is the urgency or power to pray. It is something that I have been (attempting) to pray for for a loooong time for the Spirit to grow in me.

I tell you what though.

Since Baby Jack was born I have felt the Spirit move in insane ways in my heart regarding prayer…and I have seen the miracles that can happen due to prayer in my own life. Thank you Jack for making that more alive than ever before.


Because Jack. That stud. That fighter. He needs some prayer ya’ll. As do Trish & Ben.

Rather than going into many details I just want to ask you to pray. Pray BIG. Pray for the Lord to heal Jack’s little body, make it free of infection, and make it possible for his mom and dad to hold him close. Pray for Trish & Ben as they go through experiences that I can’t imagine. Pray for the medical staff as they try and figure out what is going on with this sweet boy.

Pray with me in Jesus name. Our Triune God is mighty. He’s gracious. He mends broken hearts, He frees us of sin, and He HEALS.


2 thoughts on “Baby Jack

  1. Lori says:

    Praying for baby Jack. I’m praying that God will send his angels to fight for Jack in the heavenly realms. That God will set all things right in his body and until that moment, that he would keep Trish and Ben hidden in the shadow of his wings.

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