Coffee Date

I didn’t grow up in a family of coffee drinkers, which is probably a good thing, because then I’d probably enjoy it way more than I already do…I had my first cup of coffee sometime in high school. It was a syrup filled, high in sugar drink from Starbucks. I drank every drop of that thing.

Soon, I began to realize a few things…

1. Coffee doesn’t need to be filled with sugar to be good.

2. Having “coffee” with someone can result in great conversation.

3. You can easily become addicted to coffee and get a headache each morning if you don’t have it.

Here’s to hoping that 3rd one doesn’t happen for you!

So, let’s have “coffee”, shall we?

It’s stinkin’ hot in Texas…hence the iced coffee that is now in my hand. Have I mentioned lately how much Mark & I love our Toddy Cold Brew System? Worth the little bit of $30 it cost to buy.  I’m sure once Fall hits I will be enjoying a hot cup of coffee, but until then, cold it is.

How has life been lately? I mean really. How has it been?

So often I ask that question in hopes to just receive a one-worded answer. I’ve been praying lately for my heart, energy, and time to be truly invested in relationships. Relationships within my community here in Houston specifically. That means asking that question with the intention of truly wanting to know how life is. The joys, the worries, the laughs, and the struggles.


Life has been filled with the joy of watching this little one grow up.


She can rock the pigtails now, sit up in her high chair, roll over like a pro, and I’m pretty sure she is determined to learn how to crawl.

Slow down, sweetie.

At times, I  worry that I’m not being “enough” for her. Then I laugh because come on…I’m never going to be “enough”.  Just like she, or Mark, or another baby, or reaching a, b, or c accomplishments won’t be “enough” for me.

She’s pretty darn cute, though…and now she’s crying. Which would probably happen during a “coffee date.”

Go enjoy a cup of coffee. Iced or hot. One, two, or maybe even three…but then you might realize that 3+ cups of coffee a day can result in a headache the following day…aka my husband.

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One thought on “Coffee Date

  1. Lindsey says:

    Hi. I’m visiting via coffee date. I also cold brew my coffee, but I use a mesh strainer and coffee filters. I do it a gallon at a time though, so I only have to do it once a month-ish. Your daughter is adorable. My son just started crawling yesterday. I wish this were a real coffee date, then our kiddos could cry together while we fuel up with our iced coffees. (I still load mine with sugar though) =P.

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