Babe, our skype conversations during the day are perhaps one of my favorite moments. Especially when they involve a massive amount of emoticons. Elli Mae, you are almost 6 months old and as cute as can be….the drool, spit up, and smelly toots are all trumped by that sweet smile of yours. River House,  you are always a nice breath of fresh air. Many thanks to the in-laws who let us use it for hammock laying, river floating, and spending time away from a city. Magnolia, today I dusted you off and sewed something for the first time in 10 months. I missed you…two loud cheers for E having new bandana bibs to look stylish and keep her face clean at the same time. & to E’s Daddy, thanks for being humble enough to ask for prayer, silly enough to sing a song, stern enough to tell Summit to stop jumping, and tender enough to rock our baby gal to sleep. You are loved.


It’s been a while, friends.

Life gets busy.

Hope the end of summer has treated you well. I know it’s temping to jump straight into pumpkins and leaves falling off of trees, but lets enjoy these last days of fresh berries and summer, yah? I’m sure going to try.


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