New Things

I have some exciting news to share with ya’ll today.

If you follow me on Instagram then you have already been bombarded by many many pictures regarding this news…

Peak Designs

Peak Designs is opening up shop!

After a good long year of continuously talking and praying about the possibility of opening up an Etsy shop, we have finally decided that it’s about time that should happen. Mark & I have been talking about this for ages and I am beyond ecstatic that time is now.

About a year ago the Lord opened up an opportunity and loads of free time to learn to crochet…I instantly fell in love with it! I love seeing a little piece of yarn turn into something lovely like a blanket that E gets to now wrap up in. I love that it takes time to make a blanket and it doesn’t just happen. I find that to be so true in life.

Making things with yarn is a beautiful reminder of how the Lord is continuously refining me and “knitting” me together more into His image.

For now, the shop contains a variety of accessories for little gals in addition to a couple other items. Soon I will be posting more handmade goodness for the home,  ladies, and items for lads (little & big).  I would be so grateful if you shared this endeavor with others if they are looking for some handmade crocheted items.


I have yet to share the best part of Peak Designs.

Some time in the future Mark & I plan to start the process of adoption. Our hope is to use this shop to raise funds for that journey. Until then, however, we see a need that needs to be met today in our community.

Our church, Sojourn plays a large role in our love for Houston. We are very passionate about missions and a variety of organizations such as Compassion International, IJM, Living Water, and more…but we are also very passionate about the planting of local, gospel-centered churches in Houston and beyond. One of the reasons we love Sojourn so much is because of their calling to plant churches that will plant churches that will plant churches. With such a mindset, financial obligations need to be met in miraculous ways.

So, we have decided that 75% of the profit made at Peak Designs will go directly to Sojourns mission to make a presence in the Heights through our local church and through planting other churches.

Some day soon, when the Lord makes it known, that 75% will go to our adoption process. Until then, however, we are super excited to see Sojourn make a long-standing presence in the Heights through Christ.

So go check out the shop Peak Designs on Etsy 🙂

{or just click Peak Designs and it will send you there}


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