Coming Home

Yesterday my little family and I made our trek back to our home in Houston.

I had been away from it for a short 9 days, and while time with my folks was wonderful, I was ready to get back.

I like to think I am a big adventurer who longs to travel and explore new things, but at the end of the day, there is just something about being “home” that makes me content. The bed, the smells, the familiarity, the routine…I like routine.

My prayer is that my love for routine never surpasses my love for adventure and new things.

I don’t want to be content only within the walls of my home. I want to open up these walls and walk, no run, outside them. I want to invite neighbors in and experience the unfamiliar. I want E to see the world –  the brokenness and the beauty – and {by God’s grace} be changed by it.

I want our home to not just be our house.

Our house is temporary.

It’s nice and it’s familiar, but it’s just temporary.


Happy Monday, Friends!

I hope your weekend was just as lovely as mine. I even got to go on a date with the other half to a new favorite in Forth Worth – Brewed!

Untitled from Mark Felder on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Annie G. says:

    Sweet post, I totally follow you on being adventurous yet also loving being home. I share that too. P.S. How did you get your instagram video posted on here?

    • thefelderfam says:

      I’d say being a military wife you have to be a bit adventurous 🙂 I actually had to upload the video on vimeo (youtube would work too) in order to post it. To post .mov documents straight on wordpress you have to buy an upgrade. I’m not sure how it works on blogger, but I am sure vimeo or youtube would work then just embed it!

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