Other Half, it’s been almost a week of not waking up to you next to me each day. Can’t wait till Saturday morning and for that to happen again. Convoswitha2yearold, I watched every single one of your episodes this morning. Thanks for making me laugh. A lot. Summit Dog, every time you go in to Nana & Papa’s yard you decide that getting in the pool is a good plan. I am so glad you know how to swim, but could you please take a break from being wet ALL the time? E, you rock that ponytail. Pops, in the last month you have been to Japan and London and you are going back to Tokyo again soon. Pack me in your suitcase, please? Husband, you’ve gone climbing almost every night since E and I have been gone. Can’t wait to see how strong those forearms are when I see you…and maybe that’ll motivate us to get that boulder wall up sooner.

Happy Thursday, friends!

Thursday is Mark’s favorite day of the week (not including weekends!) because it’s one day closer to Friday. My favorite day is Friday. While I think my favorite day makes more sense, I can’t help but love Thursdays too…because it means only one day till Friday 🙂


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