heights food swap

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of mine hosted the first ever Heights Food Swap.

also coined as

“one of my favorite things ever”


When fellow foodie lover, Lisa (the friend), told me she wanted to start having a food swap I had no idea what she meant! So, for those of you who, like me, have no idea, this is what goes down…

Let’s say 13 people wanted to participate in a food swap. Those 13 people decide individually of something yummy to make. It could be homemade pizza dough, bath salts, cold brew, freshly baked muffins, homemade jams and cheeses, and the list goes on…Each person would make 12 batches of their item, package it up cute, and bring it to the swap. We then swap all the items! So, you come with 12 of the same item, and leave with 12 different yummy foods and/or home items.

The only catch is that what you bring needs to be made by YOU!

Lisa made some coffee, pumpkin donuts, and biscuits for us to munch on as we sat, chatted up on life, and shared what we made and how it could be used. It was so fun and I am looking forward to the next one as I am sure it will be bigger, which means more foodie goodness for me to take home šŸ™‚

This first time around was on July 4th weekend so we had only 4 of us that participated.

Absolutely worth it.

Lisa made some yummy cold brew coffee and a homemade coconut vanilla syrup that pairs quite nicely!


Heidi made both rosemary infused sea salt and espresso infused sea salt. One word. TASTY. She recommended using the espresso infused salt on steak or in desserts. I’m thinking some salted, caramel espresso brownies would be real good.


Megan made cilantro-avocado hummus. I dug into this right when we got home and put it on a salad. It was delicious. Sadly, the next day I dropped the mason jar and the hummus splattered everywhere on the floor. That was my 4th time to break something glass related that week. Clumsy.


I made a batch of cold brew as well and some homemade cherry, almond, & coconut granola to go with. I made enough for Mark & I to enjoy as well šŸ™‚


My mind is already streaming with ideas for the next one in August.

Thanks Lisa for such a great idea! Can’t wait to share what people whip up the next time around. I’ll make sure and share with ya’ll after!


If you live in the Heights and are interested in participating, let me know. Next one is August 3rd!Ā 


If you don’t live in the Heights then you should start one where you live!Ā 


2 thoughts on “heights food swap

  1. Mike says:

    This is an awesome idea! sounds like a lot of fun! Talk Lori into starting one of these in England because I’m a pretty big fan of great and random snacks.

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