the big easy

My brother, his wife, and his precious baby gal are about to move to England.


The upside is that Mark & I have no excuse to NOT visit Europe sometime in the next few years. It must happen. The downside is that seeing them will be much more difficult. Thank you Lord for FaceTime and the savvy internet.

A couple weeks ago Mike (brother) had the brilliant idea of having a weekend together before they move across the Atlantic! We met in the Big Easy (also known as New Orleans), which was a short 5 hour drive for both of us. I wish we could relive this weekend over and over again. It was such fun.

Here’s a little recap for you 🙂

(especially the grandparents and great grandparents of J and E as I am sure they have anxiously been wanting to see these pictures)

We stayed at Canal Street Inn, a lovely bed and breakfast with a very sweet inn-keeper. I’m so glad Mike suggested staying at a B&B. It was tough to find one that allowed little ones, but Canal Street Inn was a jewel. We were able to take it easy (pun intended) by hanging out in the common area with the babies or leaving them in their rooms to nap with monitor in hands.

The b&b was directly across the street from the Canal Street Streetcar Line, which made going on adventures so simple. We loaded up the babies in their strollers and got on the streetcar to enjoy an afternoon at the French Market, only a 10 minute ride away (3 dollars for unlimited day riding aka cheap).


We enjoyed eating some grub and a flight of beer at Crescent City Brewhouse.

Take note, the flights are HUGE. Not shot glass sizes of beer, more like 1/2 a pint…but the beer was quite tasty  (along with the food).


The girls napped while we enjoyed our food and we then fed them via bottle before heading out to the French Market area. After feeding them, we thought it would be fun to take them out of the stroller to look around as we walked. We got many oohs and ahhs and “how cute!!!” comments from folks walking by. I doubt many babies this young are seen walking around as tourists in downtown New Orleans.



If we hadn’t eaten at Crescent City, we would have eaten some of the yummy food at the French Market. I definitely suggest doing that. Walking through the covered market was a favorite of ours! We even found a place called “Loretta’s”




After our adventure at the French Market, we headed back to the B&B via Streetcar for the girls (and ourselves) to get some rest and tummy time. Canal Street had a covered back patio which was perfect to spend some time in with the gals. We laid a blanket out and let them stretch and wiggle a bit!


After a couple hours of rest we drove our cars to CityPark, a short 5 minute drive away from where we were staying. We had beignets and cafe au lait at Morning Call and enjoyed a nice stroll passing many family reunions and crawfish boil happenings.




Recommended by a friend, we went to the Rum House for dinner that night. While the wait was long, it was certainly worth it. Their margarita was the best I have had and their tacos were phenomenal…and their queso.

The next morning we went to Fair Grinds Coffeehouse to play some 42 and have coffee before getting back on the road.



Such a fun trip and absolutely doable with little ones! Who says you can’t travel with a babe? You just have to plan it out a bit more 🙂 Can’t wait for adventures like that in England!


P.S. Thanks Lori for taking majority of the above photos!


4 thoughts on “the big easy

  1. Loretta says:

    Excellent recap Ashlee! I think I’m just going to print this out and stick it in my journal. You’re awesome at summarizing. 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Ashlee that was awesome! Reading your post was like re-living the weekend all over again. I can’t wait for many more fun adventures… you guys are so much fun! We love you!


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