rest & relax

After my little procedure on Thursday, my mom, Elli, Summit, and I drove back to my folks place to enjoy some nice rest and relaxation. Mark will be joining us next weekend!

{For those who were wondering, the procedure went great! We are still waiting to find out results from it, but are hopeful and praying this will all be put to rest soon}

Usually when we come to my parents place, my mom has activity after activity planned. This morning she said she has no idea what to do with herself because this week all I want to do slash all my body should do is relax…especially the first few days. We still seem to be having tons of fun though. As I write, E and my mom are enjoying some pool time. Summit has already had his fair share of pool time and I am sure he will jump back in as soon as we let him outside! I am enjoying reading, crocheting, and watching the British Open with my dad 😉



Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks again for your encouraging words, prayers, and straight up awesomeness the last few days.


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