Sweet Husband, you give the best hugs and I am so glad you are eager to give me one each time you get home from work… despite the fact that I am usually trying to cook and don’t usually receive it well. I’m sorry. I’ll try and get better at that.  E, morning snuggle times are wonderful. Thanks for loving me the best way a baby can. Sweet & Yummy Cold BrewI look forward to having you each morning. I think I may have to bring some of you to Fort Worth next week because the thought of not having iced coffee on a Texas hot morning does not appeal to me whatsoever. Fort Worth FolksI am headed your way tomorrow. Looking forward to relaxing at the parents house, reading and crocheting on their back porch, and handing E to my mom every time she has a dirty diaper. JOKING. Friendsthank you. your sweet words and prayers have been so encouraging. blessed by each of you. And Babe, please don’t eat McDonalds when I am gone next week?

Have you tried Cold Brew? Seriously my favorite thing ever. That’s a slight exaggeration…but it’s good. 


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