For the Love of Nod.

In the last couple weeks Elli has been noticing more and more around her! She’s even started to have some favorite “toys.”  I couldn’t help but notice all of these cute items at Land of Nod that I think she would love in the months to come.


1. The Rolling Sorter

What better way to learn shapes, colors, counting, and more with this super cute wooden toy? I’m sure she would also love the sound and movement it makes rolling across the floor!

2. Orange Carrot Baby Rattle

This thing is just cute. I could see her loving it even now by tracking it with her eyes. It’s also the perfect shape to grasp with her little fingers.

3. Finger Puppet Theatre

Elli loves hearing her Dad & I tell her stories! We could come up with some fun stories with these little puppets on our fingers, making story time even more exciting.

4. Fruit & Vegi Picture Book

We are hoping to have Elli go straight into eating solids with Baby Led Weaning. This book would be a colorful and entertaining way to talk about the fruits and vegetables she is taking in.

5. Stacking Blocks

While I am immediately drawn to the classic wooden blocks, I love that these blocks are soft and wouldn’t hurt if they happened to fall unexpectedly or purposefully when building a tower. Elli would also love all the fun colors and we could talk about numbers, colors, animals, and more with all the pictures on the blocks.

6. Animal Rattles

These knitted beauties make me wonder if I could crochet my own. I love them and they are the perfect size for Elli to grasp onto right now.

7. Xylophone

Mark & I are not musically talented at all, but who’s to say that Elli isnt?

8. Tower Stacking Toy

I’m not sure why, but I am always drawn to this toy. It is great for learning sizes, colors, counting, and it can enhance her gross motor skills. I’m sure it would also look super cute sitting on her bookshelf.

9. The Knit Menagerie

& this hippo…just cute. Really cute.

Check out Land of Nod if you haven’t yet! I’m pretty sure they are having a summer sale right now!


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