Growing on up…

On May 17th, Elli officially hit the 2 month mark.

I am trying hard to live in the moment, enjoying each day with her.

Sometimes I catch myself looking forward to the days when she can cook with me, talk to me with real words, play tag, and learn the alphabet. While that is something that I should certainly look forward to, there is so much to enjoy right now and I am sure I will miss these days all too much in the future.

Just look at this baby girl.

Isn’t she lovely?


In the last few weeks E has begun to smile, coo, and make bubbles more and more with her little mouth. She loves moving her arms and legs, looking at herself in the mirror, and being touched on the nose. E is just starting to hold onto her lovey (Lucille the Lamb!) and it is perhaps one of the most adorable things I have seen.

She is still growing like crazy and is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Elli’s hair also continues to grow. Her lovely locks have now entered the stages of mullet-hood.

Bringing it back people.


We love this girl…


so does this guy!



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