Making Home “Homey”

Mark & I never anticipated purchasing a brand new home. Brand new granite, tile, hardwood, backsplash…

Brand new everything.

There’s something about old homes that just grab my attention. The creaky floors, the dents in the wall, and the slight imperfection, to me, is beauty.

We rented a lovely 2 bedroom bungalow in California and I loved every bit of it. The carpet was rather gross and the linoleum floors in the kitchen were certainly not pleasing, but something about that place made it feel like home.


Looking back, I think the thing that made that old bungalow feel like home most were the many memories we put into it…memories of painting walls, hanging up pictures, cleaning up puppy messes, planting plants, being newlyweds, finding out we were having a baby…

We painted those walls & hung up those pictures…


We had our first days with this guy…


We made this planter and planted plants (that ended up dying)…black thumb.


At least the tomatoes survived. Unending amounts of tomatoes.


He made scratches on that screen…


…dug holes in the dirt


& we certainly enjoyed our neighbors and our backyard…



Our new home, while I love it, hasn’t quite become “home” to me yet. With everything being so new it just hasn’t been lived in.

Worn in jeans are my favorite. New ones are stiff and not stretchy. I think the same is true with a home. I love homes that have been lived in. There is something charming and homey to them.

Our mission:

Make this home lived in. I want dents in the wall and scratches on the new hardwood floor. I want pictures to be hung and walls to be painted something other than the builder’s choice. I want parties to be had and memories to be made.

Summit has certainly already taken care of the scratches on the floor



What makes home “home” for you? 


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