Mark Douglas, I used to ask you how to spell your middle name. I could never remember if there was one s or two. After you informed me that you are indeed not an “ass” I will now always remember how to spell it. Thanks, love. It’s true. You aren’t one. Boomtown, you put the boom in my coffee….especially the salted caramel. Thank you for making my taste buds happy. Sweet Elli Maeyesterday you had your 2 month checkup and handled the shots like a champ. Way to be strong, my healthy 90 percentile girl. Husband, folks are saying that Elli is looking more and more like you. If you resemble Elvis in any way then I’d say I agree.


Q: Don’t you think E looks like Elvis in that picture?! She doesn’t any other time though…too bad, an Elvis impersonator could have been a pretty rad job.


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