i got it from my momma…

My mom used to always tell me…

You’ll understand when you have a kid of your own one day.

Only 7 weeks in and I think I ‘understand’ a bit more now.


mom & me on my wedding day in 2011

I understand why you would play board game after board game with me even though games aren’t your thing or how you could sit for hours and hours to watch softball games, soccer games, gymnastics routines, piano recitals, and more without getting bored out of your mind…but instead cheering from the sidelines till your lungs wore out.

I understand how your heart probably hurt when I when I blatantly disobeyed you…or when I said what was most likely hurtful things to you.

I also understand how you would forgive me for said things even though I probably didn’t deserve it.

I think I understand why you would always ask how my day was, in hopes of getting more than a one-worded answer…and why you would fall asleep on the couch waiting for me to get home from spending time with friends. I understand how scared you must have been when I called to tell you I was in my first car wreck or how bittersweet it was when I went off to Texas A&M.

I don’t think I really understood it all that well until now…

I’m your daughter & you love me.

I have been blessed.

Thanks, momma and happiest of mothers days to you!


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