out at the lake

This weekend we spent a little bit of time out at my family’s lake cabin. It is crazy to think about all the memories that have been formed there.

It’s the same lake my mom grew up going to every Sunday to gobble up Nandy’s infamous fried chicken, along with homemade ice cream too (I’m sure!) Mom still talks about Nandy’s fried chicken and the days of old when they would go to the lake each Sunday after church. I can’t imagine how many memories she has from Lake Woodrow.

Years later dad planned to propose to mom on the dock…until a snake scared her away and she insisted they leave the lake pronto. Thankfully, my dad getting down on a knee didn’t scare her away 🙂

It’s the same lake my siblings, cousins and I spent many summer days at…jumping off the dock, shooting off fireworks, fishing, and the list could go on and on.

4th of July’s were a regular occurrence on Woodrow with water balloon wars against the opposite side of the lake.  I had too many welts to count from water balloons being thrown too hard at me…but somehow I still enjoyed it.

This tiny lake probably doesn’t look like much from the outsider…but for those of us who grew up on it, it’s not just a tiny lake.

It’s memories.

Over the years the lake cabin has aged a bit. It aged enough to where my sister and I honestly didn’t feel too comfortable sleeping at it.

side note

Isn’t it funny how I could go backpack for days and sleep in the wilderness on the ground, yet the thought of staying in a structural building with bugs inside freaks me out?

This aged lake cabin has now gotten some work done.

It’s clean.

It’s nice.

It’s basically bug free.

And it’s ready for some new memories to be put it in it…






Elli is so ready for the new memories that she wanted to jump in!


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