starting a trend…

This whole Earth Day week has motivated me to be more mindful of what I am using. Yesterday, I found myself perusing a website called reuseit. Here are some of the favorites I found…



Supposedly these insulated lunch totes are made out of the same material that scuba diving suits are made out of! How smart is that?! It stretches just a bit in order to fit in items, is water resistant, and fold fat making it super easy to store.

I feel like a sales person.




Basically these things are used to replace the ziploc storage bags that you store food in. We don’t use ziploc bags all too often, but I have a feeling when Elli gets older they may be more of a regular thing. These things are super cute and supposedly do a great job at storing food!



Rubber zip ties.

Zip ties that you can reuse over and over and over again? Love it!



When I lived in Japan instead of drying your hands with a paper towel when out and about, people carried around their own hand towel (kind of like a handkerchief). I wasn’t that big into it and probably won’t start doing that here in America, but maybe one day I will be motivated to start it up again. If so, I really like this one!



Reusable produce bags!

I try to not use the plastic bags when getting produce at the grocery store, but sometimes it is necessary. These reusable bags designed specifically for produce seem like a great alternative! I love that the fine mesh design makes it easy to wash the produce when you get home.




These microfiber dry sweeping cloths are perfect for my Swiffer! You can use it for the wet or the dry Swiffer. At only $9.95 I am pretty sure that I would end up saving tons of money with the endless amounts of Swiffer Cloths I have to buy each year.


There are so many other things on this site….from water bottles to shopping bags to things I probably won’t buy. Take a look around and let me know what you find!


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