Happy Earth Day!

In wilderness is the preservation of the world.

– Henry David Thoreau

Last week Mark and I were sitting in our beautiful, recently built house . We are so grateful to have this home and love it dearly. We are also blessed to live in a city surrounded by a community who encourage and refine us. But, as we were sitting there on our brand new couch we couldn’t help but discuss the desire to be further from concrete and closer to fresh air, streams, and trees.

Sometimes it is hard for me to see the beauty of Earth in a city such as Houston. It is so much easier to see it when I am in the mountains, sitting along a beach…in the wilderness…but that beauty can even be found in this city.

Believe it.


A dear friend of mine, Jenai, who is an upcoming photographer here in Houston said it oh so perfectly the other day.

…Houston really isn’t the most overall beautiful city in America. It’s flat, hot, full of traffic. There aren’t rolling hills around us or snow-capped mountains in the distance. But honestly that makes me appreciate the beauty I find so much more, and yes Houston has a lot of beauty! You have to be willing to slow down and look at it for what it is, and stop wishing for it to be something it’s not.

Thank you, Jenai, for encouraging me to look for beauty even here in Houston.

{it is pretty lovely}


Q: Houstonians, where are your favorite spots to breathe in some fresh air in the city? 


4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. rebeccasteinbach says:

    Arboretum. Its close. Its free. Its quiet. Its accessible with a jogging stroller (though I suggest a carrier/backpack if you have it).

    • thefelderfam says:

      I don’t think I have been there! I’ll have to check it out in the coming weeks before it gets insanely hot in the summer. We have the ergo carrier but can’t use that till E is 12 pounds. Excited to try it out! Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Kate Poore Magee says:

    Heights Blvd and Buffalo Bayou trail (they have really done a lot to make it beautiful–on some parts you feel like you are in the woods and then the skyline appears…just puts it into perscpective).

    • thefelderfam says:

      I need to check out Buffalo Bayou Trail more! I saw near downtown how pretty is. Thanks for the recommendations! Summit dog needs to get his toe better so I can take him out on walks at those 2 places.

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