my musts from month one…

I have officially been a momma to a little for over a month.


There are so many joys that come along with such a role. That will be for an entirely other blog post, today I wanted to share with you a few things that have helped me get through this first month of motherhood (in no particular order)…



That’s right friends, this mom drinks coffee/espresso/cappuccino/cuban breve/cà phê đá/goodness.

I understand some people are iffy on the whole caffeine thing while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Rumor has it, however (and many many doctors and research), that a bit of caffeine a day doesn’t harm your baby at all. So, I treat myself to some good ol’ coffee and make sure I rehydrate myself with more water after. Often, I take Elli on a good long walk and end up dropping by a coffee shop before coming home. Speaking of good long walks…




Getting out of the house has been a big must for me this first month, specifically in the form of walks. The day coming home from the hospital I made sure to get out and enjoy some fresh air for both Elli and myself. Walks started off as very very slow and progressively got faster and longer. I can’t wait to get the ok from my doctor and start jogging!




Having some form of a carrier/sling is a huge recommendation for the first month! I was a bit nervous about wrapping this thing up, but it was actually quite easy once I did it. Elli loves cuddling up with me &  having it allows me to be hands free. I would’ve never straightened my hair, folded laundry, or even typed this if I hadn’t had the moby. Ok, that’s a lie. I would have been able to, and I did do that stuff without the moby…but sometimes she wanted to be held while I wanted to do something else. Often I just stopped what I was doing to hold her (which is a great and rewarding thing to do), but at times having the sling as an option was a lifesaver. She loves it and I could get something done.


A stability ball.

This little girl of ours LOVES this thing. We don’t have a rocking chair, but if we did, I don’t think she’d like it as much as this. She gets calmed down and falls asleep and I get a core “workout”. Wins all around!



these two.

Sometimes Summit has way too much energy, desires unending attention, and licks E way too much. Sometimes I don’t think I can handle anymore crying from my sweet girl and all I want her to do is get some shut eye so I can get some shut eye…but one of my biggest must haves from this last month is spending quality time with these two.

During one of Elli’s sleeping times, I make sure I sit down with Summit each day to play catch with him or just pet him (not for long, just a little bit). This started off being more for him than me, but it turned into something that I now treasure and am thankful for.

& cuddle time with Elli is a big must. I could easily just go through the in and outs of the day and not really take time to just cuddle and love on my daughter. I could feed her and not talk to her, hold her and not sing to her, or sing to her but do it in a begrudgingly “I’m exhausted” kind of way. Sweet alone time with her and no other distractions (including that sweet dog of ours) has been such a joy and (I am sure) will continue to be a big must in months to come.

Before I know it, E won’t even want to cuddle with me anymore…I’m trying to savor this as much as I can 🙂

I could go on and on about things that have been helpful this past month. Aiden & Anais blankets. Alone time with my husband. This nursing pillow. A swing for E. HPA Lanolin. Trips to get sno-cones at MAM’s. Alone time for myself. Lots of grace.


the oh so great holy spirit who has provided in so many ways regarding energy/patience/joy/rest/etcetera/etcetera.


Q: Mommas out there, what were your first month must haves? Share the wisdom!


3 thoughts on “my musts from month one…

  1. Blake Spann says:

    I like the idea of the stability ball! We don’t have a rocking chair either and I really didn’t want to buy one but the ball is a great idea! We will have to see if that works for our future little boy in August! Thanks for sharing Ashley!

    • thefelderfam says:

      We were on the same boat about the rocking chair. Thus far the ball works like a charm! August will be here before you know it…so excited for you and David! And you look GREAT!

  2. Jenny White says:

    We have loved the Moby for both kids! And I know what you mean about getting out of the house. We joined a mom’s group on and it has been wonderful for us:) Elli is so precious! enjoy this time, it goes by way too fast!

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