Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

This past Tuesday Mark and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! It feels like just yesterday we got married, yet at the same time it also feels like we’ve been married for much longer than 2 years (in a good way).

 So, in honor of our 2 year anniversary and the many new beginnings we are having in our life right now…I figured why not share a bit about the very beginning of our story together.

 Rewind back to the glory days of college.

Senior year.

We were both going to Texas A&M anticipating graduation, yet trying to enjoy college days as much as we could. I was majoring in Special Education and was mostly student teaching my entire senior year while Mark stayed insanely busy as a mechanical engineer student.

You’d find me either spending time with my roommates, living life with my church (New Life), and lesson planning chatting at Mugwalls (my favorite coffee joint).


{me with my roommates junior year spring break}

Mark spent most of his time on his bike, in the books, or doing who knows what with his buddies.


{mark with his buddies junior year spring break}

Most of our time, however, was probably spent at the Rec Center climbing. Mark climbed 24/7 since he was a freshmen and during my junior year I began getting more into it…but due to him bouldering all the time and my obsession with top rope, we never crossed paths.

Fall of our senior year A&M hosted their first ever boulder comp and I decided to try it out for fun. Mark always did comps. That previous year he climbed in nationals…stud husband of mine.

So supposedly that’s when Mark first noticed me. According to him, his thoughts were something along the lines of…

who’s that hot chick kicking it at bouldering?

I’d beg to differ, but thanks anyway, honey. It was hard not to notice Mark, as he truly was “kicking” it as usual. The months following I began bouldering more and therefore we began seeing each other on more of a regular basis. Most probably think I began bouldering regularly to see him more often…but truly, no lie, I really thought we’d just be friends.

Little did I know 🙂


{at a climbing competition @ SMU in February}

Early February he got up the nerve to ask me out to First Friday in downtown Bryan. I was caught absolutely off guard and due to nerves slash astonishment, I took a good solid minute to answer him.

That certainly calmed his nerves. Longest minute of his life (he says).


so began our journey.








I am so blessed to have this man as my husband. He makes me laugh, encourages me when I’m down, cleans the dishes, and extends grace to me daily.

Whoop for 2 years and many many more!


{side note}

I find it quite crazy that both my sister and I met our husbands at the Rec Center! And we were not the girls dressed in makeup and cute workout gear. We were there to work out. I guess it’s a good thing they found us attractive even in the midst of sweatiness.

Q: Where did you meet your other half? Did you have any idea that you’d be more than friends?

& 100 points and a big ol’ APPLAUSE if you can name the movie that has these words in it. Hint, it’s from a song, because this movie has lots of music

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…


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