My name is Ashlee.

Simply put, I am a wife to an incredible husband, mom to two sweet children, and a sinner in need of grace daily.

My husband, daughter, son, dog and I live in the huge metropolis known as Houston, Texas. We often say we’d love to move our pocket of this city smack dab in the middle of mountains and streams. One can dream, right?

We are just an ordinary family and not perfect by any means. My husband and I disagree on things. My children tug on my legs. My dog loves playing in the mud and then bringing said mud into our home. I struggle with pride and impatience often…and I burn what should be very tasty meals.

Our life is imperfect. We are imperfect and we cling to a perfect Savior who has forgiven us of all of our imperfection, who has made us new, and who loves us dearly.

Here you’ll find a bit of our everyday life. My prayer and hope is that my days are filled with intention – when I use my words, when I gather around a table, when I teach my children, or when I venture out and explore our lovely world. Let’s be a people who live intentionally, with purpose, and with loads of grace.


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